I onde dager AKA The Trip (2021)

director: Tommy Wirkola
release-year: 2021
genres: thriller, comedy
countries: Norway
languages: Norwegian

A murderous, feel-good Norwegian splatter comedy about a couple spending a relaxing weekend at their summer house.

She's a bad actress and he's a bad director.

They both fully intend on murdering the other.

They have financial issues.

The husband goes for the kill, but the wife gets the upper hand.

She had to change out of pink to use a gun.

Then there's a reversal. You know this will happen, because you know the movie is not 15 minutes long.

The husband has an accomplice.

You also know neither of the couple can die until the end, so they'll have to introduce a bunch of side characters to die violently.

Don't get too attached to the accomplice.

A trio of murderers show up, which is extremely convenient for the plot.

They are the least Scandinavian part of this film.

The murderers get the upper hand.

They take a pause from slapstick to do some acting.

The murderers introduce dumb poop jokes, and there's serious risk of losing the plot.

They take a pause from acting to do some slapstick.

But the filmmakers suddenly remember why we're here, and everyone gets murdered violently.

Dad showed up.  Dad got murdered.

When I describe something as a silly, light-hearted, slapstick, feel-good horror rom-com, I would typically mean that in the most negative way possible. But, in this case, I mean it in the most neutral way possible.

The murderers have unclear incentives.

It's pretty well acted, it's very well shot, it's legitimately funny at times, and it's ever-so-Scandinavian. But the cartoony back-and-forth fighting does drag on. Remember On Evil Grounds (2007)? This is what it would have been like, had it not been completely awful.

The ending gets no praise.