What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

director: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi
release-year: 2014
genres: horror, comedy
countries: New Zealand
languages: English, Inglish

Jemaine and Black Beard are a couple of maladroit vampires living in a college roommate situation, feeding on virgins, and struggling to pronounce the letter 'e'.

Old age does a number on vampires.

Black Beard tries to hold the group together as they bumble through a series of misadventures, but he's not particularly adept at it.

Still struggling to eat after 400 years of practice.

They accidentally make friends with a human, take him to undead conventions at which he is most unwelcome, and irresponsibly and unsuccessfully attempt to side-step the consequences.

If anyone is going to eat Stu, it will be us.

Murray is the leader of the local werewolves, and calls for a band meeting. He's concerned about how this film is a series of standalone, awkwardly comedic situations, but that it lacks much of an actual narrative.

It's tough to be a werewolf when you can't pronounce e.

The band decides to launch a TV series based very accurately on this world, and which they decide will be considerably better. They decide to perfectly model Nandor, the show's main character, after Black Beard – right down to the goofy accent – but take the rest of the characters back to the drawing board. This is a wise decision for at least three seasons.

With the exception of Petyr, who we shall miss.